The Best Way to Avoid Common Home Insurance Claims

Take care of your home, and avoid insurance claims.

As a homeowner, you love the protection that your personal insurance in Dallas, Texas, offers.  However, just because you have insurance doesn’t mean that you want to access it for every little issue that comes your way.  The best way to avoid unnecessary home insurance claims is by preventing damage.  By keeping an eye on and maintaining these features around your home, you can avoid common sources of home damage.

  • Refrigerator

While many homeowners do not think about it, their fridge can actually leak and cause water damage.  To avoid this damage, you should inspect the hoses leading to your fridge to ensure that they are in good condition and kink-free.  If you see water pooling around the base of your fridge, then call a professional in so they can assess and repair the issue.

  • Toilet

A leaky toilet can cause significant water damage.  To avoid this, you should check for water around the base of your toilet.  If you find water, then this is a surefire sign of a leak.  Call in an expert immediately so they can repair the damage, reinstall your toilet, or reseal around your toilet as soon as possible.

  • Bathtub and Shower

Over time, the grout or caulk around your bathtub and or shower can wear away, allowing water to seep into the walls or flooring of your bathroom.  To avoid this significant water damage, you should frequently inspect and repair the seals around your tub and shower.  Experts recommend completely resealing your tub and shower every year.

  • Kitchen

Most household fires break out in the kitchen.  To avoid kitchen fires, you should make sure to never leave your oven or stove unattended while cooking.  You should also install a smoke alarm in your kitchen, so you are immediately alerted if a fire breaks out.  Finally, you should keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen so you can quickly put out a cooking fire before it spreads.

Avoid filing home insurance claims by watching out for these common sources of damage.  Do you need help managing your personal insurance in Dallas, Texas?  If so, then contact the experts at Champion Commercial Insurance for assistance today.