From initial response to filing a claim with your personal insurance in Dallas, Texas; here’s everything you need to do to handle a car accident.

Getting into a car accident can shake even the calmest person.  In the stress following an accident, it can be difficult to know what you should do.  Stay calm, try not to panic, and follow this simple step-by-step guide to get you from initial response to contacting your personal insurance in Dallas, Texas.

1) Initial Response

Immediately following an accident, make sure you take a second to evaluate yourself.  Take a couple of deep breaths to steady yourself.  Then, carefully assess yourself for any signs of injury.  If you are feeling okay, then try to get your car to a safe place.  Put your car into park and turn on your hazards.

2) Check on the Other Party

Carefully exit your vehicle and check on the other party involved.  Whether it be another driver, a pedestrian, a bicyclist, or so on, make sure they are okay.  Contact emergency medical services if you need to.  If someone is unconscious or experiencing a neck injury, then do not move them unless absolutely necessary.  Otherwise, wait until emergency responders arrive at the scene.

3) Call the Police

If your accident results in damage, injury, or death, then you must call the police to the scene of the accident.  Once the police arrive, cooperate fully but avoid admitting guilt or blaming others.  Let the police determine fault for themselves.

4) Exchange Information

Information such as names, phone numbers, license plate numbers, and insurance information should be exchanged between the involved parties.  Additionally, if there are any witnesses, do your best to get their names and contact information as well.  Finally, make sure you snap as many pictures of the accident scene as you can.  These will help you file an insurance claim later.

5) Contact your Insurance Provider

As soon as you can, make sure you tell your insurance provider what happened.  Tell your agent what occurred in as much detail as you can.  A copy of the police report and any pictures will help you keep everything straight.  From there, your agent will walk you through the claims process.

While everyone tries their best to stay safe on the road, it’s not always possible.  If you’re ever in a car accident, use this guide to help you handle the situation.  To protect yourself from an accident, make sure you have the right personal insurance in Dallas, Texas.  For the coverage you need, contact the professionals at Champion Commercial Insurance.  Our team is ready to assist you with all your insurance needs.