Commercial Insurance for Your Start-Up Business

The Insurance Policies Your Start-Up Needs.

If you’re running up a start-up company, then it’s important that you get your business the necessary commercial insurance in Dallas, Texas.  However, with all the different policy options and types out there, it can be difficult to figure out which types of insurance are most important.  Read on to learn the types of coverage your start-up business needs. 

  • Property Insurance

If your start-up business is operating out of a physical location, then it’s important that you have commercial property insurance.  This type of policy provides coverage for your business’s physical assets.  Generally, a property insurance policy covers your business’s building, equipment, inventory, and supplies.  Additionally, the coverage from this type of policy can also extend to your business’s records and important documents.

  • General Liability Insurance

Regardless of how well you train your employees or how professionally you act around your customers, your start-up will still be vulnerable to liability claims.  That’s why it’s important to have general liability insurance.  This type of policy provides coverage for the expenses that will come up if your business is involved in a lawsuit or a settlement.

  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance

If your start-up hires employees, then you need to have worker’s compensation insurance.  This type of insurance covers the medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and lost wages incurred by an employee that gets injured or sick while on the job.  However, this type of coverage doesn’t just benefit your employees.  If an injured employee ever attempts to sue your company, then worker’s compensation insurance will cover your legal expenses.

These are the essential types of commercial insurance that your start-up business will need.  If you would like assistance with getting your business the coverage it needs, then contact the experts at Champion Commercial Insurance.  Our dedicated team is eager to get you the coverage you need today.